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Native English Teacher

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Beijing | Posted     Apr 15 13:19      share
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•        Prepare teaching materials during set prep time as noted by the English Department and create original teaching materials each month to match the existing English curriculum;

•        Ensure all Etonkids English curricula is implemented properly in the classroom and provide feedback to the R&D Department in order to develop it;

•        Lead English lessons during scheduled times, provide an immersive English-speaking environment throughout the day, and provide feedback and suggestions to other English Specialists regarding successful teaching methods;

•        Communicate and cooperate with Chinese English Teachers to ensure both parties are on the same page regarding lesson plan content;

•        Monitor student progress and maintain a portfolio for each student;

•        Attend all English Department PD days noted by the English Department Regional Supervisor and campus meetings and PD days as deemed necessary by the Campus Principal. Also, attend all weekly meetings with the classroom teaching team as scheduled by his/her Lead Montessori Teacher;

•        Identify developmental needs of his/her students and organize ways to meet these needs;

•        Complete standardized forms as set by the English Department;

•        Assist the Lead Montessori Teacher in reviewing and editing all English materials, parent letters, and Student Reports to ensure no language mistakes are made;

•        Visit the Etonkids English Department website on a weekly basis and contribute to discussion groups and blogs;

•        Greet students and parents at the door (model and practice English);

•        Maintain good relationships with parents and keep them well-informed about their student’s progress;

•        Represent Etonkids and participate at campus, school, and community events as needed;

•        Adhere to appropriate dress code for working with young students, meeting the requirements set forth by the English Department;

•        Help cover classes in the event of a colleague’s absence as deemed necessary by the Campus Principal;

•        Promote the corporate image of the organization and its educational activities to all individuals, groups internal and external to the organization;

•        Participate as a member of the Etonkids Curriculum Committee meeting (if requested);

•        Fulfill additional duties and responsibilities that are in line with the employment contract as instructed by Etonkids management;

Please feel free to offer a person for the position,if it is recommended successfully, You will get a certain number of bounty 15000-20000RMB ! Each of the offering steps has records in your registered email and membership center.

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