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ESL Teaching Job for Teaching Young Learners' English in Training Center

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Beijing | Posted by:BAHADUOR     Apr 12 18:08 share    Tel:     Working City:Xian   Hits:
I did my graduation from Manipur Central University. In this memo, I am going to tell you little bit about my background, interests, achievements and my goals.
I was born in a small state called Manipur. Manipur is located at North eastern region. I spent my first 16 years of life in Manipur and there I did my graduation and PGDCA and also B.Ed.
My everyday activities included going to school, playing cricket, and mountaineering, cycling, watching television, and going to temple at the night time.
I spend my first 16 year of life in Manipur before moving to Delhi (Capital of INDIA) for further study  and I completed my animation course and after that I worked at private company like Macmillan Publishing Solution and Almeric IT .After that I started my TESOL course and I did it. Along with school, I also found a part time job at a local news agency to help my parents financially. Moving in to a new country and settling there (here) was a huge challenge for me and my family.
I like playing football and Cricket. I always enjoyed reading, writing and doing computer work. Growing up as a child and until now, (my adulthood) it has been mine (my) and my parents dream for me to become a Doctor. But my dream is not to become a doctor I want to become an army officer but it was hopeless because my family doesn’t give me the permission.

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