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I'm Looking for a Full Time Teaching Job.

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Beijing | Posted by:Pauly     Mar 08 16:36    Tel:33 6 85 52 48 2     Working City:Beijing   Hits:

I am currently pursuing an international business Degree at Kedge Business School which is situated in Bordeaux in France and I am hoping to specialize in Marketing.


I appreciate that this employment opportunity would be a significant advancement in my career. Hence, I would also like to make you aware that I have been been serious about my academic projects and career in general and I have worked hard and managed to secure grades that permitted me to study this year at the University of Hull which is based in the UK.


I believe that working in childhood’s field would be the ideal working environment for me to show off my full potential and utilize my skills and knowledge even further.


I would like to give you my word that that throughout the Internship program I would work with my sincere dedication, respect the senior management within your establishment and try my absolute best to be an asset to your company.


I hereby, would like to attach my Curriculum Vitae for your consideration and I would really appreciate any feedbacks from you.

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