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  • HusnainA

    Book list

    perhaps any discussion could take place there and I'll keep this topic as just a list of one reply per author ... please do add new authors here as long as you don't mind me perhaps adding to your post in the future if other people give feedback elsewhere about more books by that author.


    I'm not trying to produce a comprehensive bibliography for any author, but instead to draw together or signpost what people on the forums have said about their books.



    So far....


    王强  Wang Qiang

    麦家  Mai Jia

    巴金  Ba Jin

    颜歌  Yan Ge     

    三毛  Sanmao

    余华  Yu Hua

    钟阿城  Zhong Acheng

    洪放  Hong Fang

    路遥  Lu Yao

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  • Aldina


    The story is surprisingly entertaining and well-written. The first chapter firmly belongs to the long and proud tradition of Chinese ghost stories (Pu Songling et al.). The second chapter takes a more picaresque turn, with the hero befriending an opium addict rat that's also a thief. After that, there are insects capable of burning a man alive, underground scenes in monster-infested caves, and a thread consisting of a mysterious dilapidated book with a hidden meaning.

    If that's not enough to wet your appetite, I don't know what is :-)

    2 months ago
  • Hassan4

    Author: 巴金 Ba Jin


    It's about a large, well-off family in Chengdu, and it challenges the strict and oppressive traditional family structure. So yeah, it is somewhat depressing.

    On the other hand, it is a true classic of modern Chinese literature that not many others can compare to, and it is surprisingly easy to read. Ba Jin is known for an accessible writing style, but his books still offer an incredible depth. (Renzhe)


    2 months ago
  • Valijon


    A trilogy dealing with office intrigue and politics inside high-tech companies in modern-day Beijing (and greater China). The language is not too difficult, and the characters are mostly the type of young-ish white collar Chinese workers who like to use English names when talking to each other and who pepper their sentences with English. (Imron)

    2 months ago

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